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Dear Colleagues,

We are proud to invite you for the 7th International Conference on Clinical Ethics and Consultation (ICCEC) [1] hosted by the Department of Medical Humanities at the Emgo+ Research Institute of the Free University Medical Centre (VUmc) in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. This international conference is the ultimate occasion to meet colleagues and friends in the field of clinical ethics and to establish working relationships between those working in health care and those working in academic settings. Please be our guest and join the new developments within this important and valuable domain of/for health care and society.

Moving ethics

Ethical issues moves us! In health care, every day we are confronted with important and challenging moral issues. These issue are directly related with life, death and the existential dimension of our world. The moral issues touches upon our emotions, our belief systems, and our characters.

Ethics moves us! Within the field of clinical ethics, we do not just passively observe or point at moral issues, but with the help of professionals with expertise in clinical ethics we support the people that are confronted with these moral issues. We learn them how to deal with moral issues, how to go beyond them, and how to prevent future moral issues. We learn health care professionals to move ahead, despite and through the existing moral issues.

Ethics is moving between academic and clinic! Our view of the domain of clinical ethics is that it is and should be interactive and dynamic. Dealing with clinical ethics is not following automatically generated rules or applying fixed and abstract ethical theories. Working in the field of clinical ethics means moving between the academic and the clinic: it is an ongoing dialogue with those working in health care.

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Ethics is moving! The discipline of clinical ethics is changing all the time. In different parts of the world, peoples book different successes and are faced with different problems. It is important to notice these developments and to bring them together at ICCEC2011. If you move to Amsterdam, you are able to witness these movements and to take some lessons home.

Ethics should move forward! Finally, although we agree of the value and relevance of the domain of clinical ethics, and although we are proud on what we can contribute to the daily practices of health care: we are not satisfied yet. Clinical ethics and the way it is received and imbedded in different health care institutions need to make further steps ahead. Quality assurance of those working in the field, empirical research on the results of clinical ethics, and a clearer vision on how clinical ethics should inform health care policy makers (and vice versa), are just some of those steps. Please join us and let's move ahead!

Warm regards from the ICCEC 2011 organising committee,

Prof.dr. Guy Widdershoven (VUmc, Amsterdam)
Dr. Bert Molewijk, (VUmc, Amsterdam)

Linda Dauwerse MSc. (VUmc, Amsterdam)
Prof. dr. George Agich (Ohio, USA)
Prof. dr. Stella Reiter-Theil (Basel, Zwitserland)

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[1]International Conference on Clinical Ethics Consultation series (ICCEC) was founded by Professor dr. George Agich and Professor dr. Stella Reiter-Theil to fill the significant gap that they perceived in the field between the explosion of clinical ethics, ethics committees, and ethics consultation services around the world and the relative lack of critical and academic discussion of the many practical, institutional, and ethical issues associated with this work. The first conference was held in 2003 at the Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio. Subsequent conferences have been held at the University of Basel, Switzerland in 2005; Toronto, Canada in 2007; Rijeka, Croatia in 2008; Taipei, Taiwan in 2009; and Portland, Oregon, USA in 2010.